Tithe by Holly Black
Tuesday, 8 March 2011
Tithe by Holly Black

Publisher : Simon & Schuster
Pages : 320
Type : Paperback
Cover : UK cover
Got : Bought

Rating : A


A gripping tale of a teenage girl finding out how different she is - and how she must use her ingenuity to survive, and save her friends. A teenage girl goes back to her childhood home - the place where she used to talk to faeries. Coming up to Hallowe'en, she meets her old friends - and Roibin, who tells her his true name. Discovering the truth about herself, she agrees to go along with a plan to disrupt the human sacrifice that binds her faery friends to unkind masters. But she is to be the human sacrifice, and not everyone has been telling her the truth..


I was unsure about this book because of the mixed reviews. I liked the synopsis but wasn't sure if it would be a good buy. I am so glad that i bought it. Tithe is a dark and edgy novel with swearing and feisty characters.
We are introduced to Kaye, a girl who has been able to see faeries since she was young. Her character isn't your typical YA girl, although beautiful, she isn't feeble.
I really liked the world Holly Black created, finding it enchanting and beautiful, along with, as i said earlier, dark and edgy. Having the world this way made it more interesting, the descriptions made me feel as if i was in the story, seeing what the character was seeing. Also i thought the mix of violence was an interesting twist, another way to make this not your usual YA story. There is romance and i enjoyed how it played out between the two characters, it was a favourite part for me in the story.
To finish this review i think i have to say that this isn't going to be to everyone's liking. It's different, which is what i liked about it. I will be buying the next book and also others by this author.

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