Rampant by Diana Peterfreund
Monday, 13 August 2012


Publisher : Harper Teen

Pages : 402
Genre : Young Adult
Type : Hardback
Cover : UK Cover
Got : Bought

Rating : ♥ ♥ ♥ 


Forget everything you ever knew about unicorns...
Real unicorns are venomous, man-eating monsters with huge fangs and razor-sharp horns. Fortunately, they've been extinct for a hundred and fifty years. Or not.
Astrid had always scoffed at her eccentric mother's stories about killer unicorns. But when one of the monsters attacks her boyfriend—thereby ruining any chance of him taking her to the prom—Astrid finds herself headed to Rome to train as a unicorn hunter at the ancient cloisters the hunters have used for centuries.


Unicorns are known to be nice creatures in stories for children. Diana Peterfreund changes that with Rampant. Astrid knows of her mothers fantasies that unicorns are real, creatures not like those told of in childrens stories. They have fangs and kill. Astrid learns quickly that her mothers fantasies are actually real. Her boyfriend gets attacked by one of these killer unicorns, so she can't deny they're real. She however, is unharmed, is she special? Well, she is part of a long line of Unicorn hunters and with unicorns showing themselves, she is wanted to do just that, hunt.
 Astrid is sent to Italy, to a place where she will become the hunter she is. Learning that being a normal teenager isn't part of that and meeting with boys has to be secret. Lots of hunters travel to Italy, to the Cloisters. They along with Astrid learn the hard way, what being a hunter means. They attract the unicorns.

Astrid irritated me somewhat because of her attitude towards boyfriends. Like having a boyfriend and sleeping with them so she could go to the prom was alright. But i suppose some teenagers are like that. Other than her attitude towards sex, Astrid was alright, she is a distinctive character. The other main characters are that also. Her cousin, perhaps the most. She has a fun aspect about her, calling her cousin by funny names and so on. To be honest i think there were too many hunters in the story. It was hard to keep up with the girls, knowing which girl was which.
 When any of the girls go out of the cloisters, it was obvious what would happen because they attract the unicorns. So it was a bit boring in a way. However, something happened probably half way through the book that changed it. Suddenly it was interesting and i wanted to know what was going on.
 This review sort of sounds like i am saying it's rubbish, it isn't. The story is well thought out, written well and is full of action and detailed gorey scenes. It is different from the usual fantasy book with the subject being what it is.

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The Witches Of The Glass Castle by Gabriella Lepore
Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Witches Of The Glass Castle

Publisher : Book Guild
Pages : 255
Genre : Young Adult
Type : Paperback
Cover : UK Cover
Got : For review from Author

Rating : ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Mia’s life is thrown through a loop when she discovers her family secret — that she and her brother Dino are witches. After they are sent away to study their craft, they begin down a path that will change their lives forever. Suddenly thrust into a world where handsome warriors command the power of nature and people’s thoughts and actions can be manipulated at will, Mia and Dino struggle to navigate their own allegiances and do what they know to be right when everything around them seems beyond their control.


Brother and sister find out they aren't who they think they are. Their lives change when they find out they're witches and they have to go live at the Glass Castle, a place where witches go to learn to use their skills. Dino and Mia have different powers and learning what they are will come easier to one than the other.
 This story is written really well, the relationship between Dino and Mia is realistic, the typical brother and sister way, funny comments and irritation.
 When Dino becomes distant to Mia, she decides to look around the castle, getting herself into danger with the alternate type of witch to herself. Hunters although part of the castle, are trained differently, to be almost animalistic. Danger seems to follow Mia when she starts to have meetings with Colt, one of the hunters. He is sure of himself and thinks seeing Mia is  pointless, nothing for him to gain and wrong. He is very funny though and his sureness just adds to him being a very attractive character. So when he helps Mia she finds herself falling for him.
 While all this is going on, Dino is having meetings with someone. These shape the story into the drama of Dino finding himself,  will he go with the temptation of power?
 The characters in this are brilliant, each having been thought out, worked on to the point they appear real. This story is full of twists and turns, it's interesting with not a part being boring. Something is going on around every corner and i can't wait for more books by this author. 

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