Friend or Fae by Hannah Blatchford
Wednesday, 30 March 2011
Friend or Fae by Hannah Blatchford

Publisher : Self published
Pages : 252
Type : Paperback
Cover : UK cover
Got : Copy for review from author

Rating : A


Francesca 'Frankie' Lee is just a small time country kid, a bit brighter than most but as green as the grass on the hills of her homeland. When she wins a scholarship to study in the big city it seems as if all her dreams have come true. But the city couldn't be more different than the quiet empty fields and moors of West Country and Frankie soon discovers that monsters roam this urban paradise. ( Further description )


This was the first book i had got for review, i was excited to read it but was unsure of how to write a review if i didn't like it. However this book was great, full of action, excitement, darkness. This is an adult book, with some sex scenes but the book wasn't full of them as in taking away the point of the story. I think the story is the main part of a book, whichever genre you are reading. For an adult book, sex scenes are the add on, a guilty pleasure but not something to take away from the plot. The plot for this book was different, being introduced to a girl called Frankie, she is someone who can handle herself but she has a certain innocence which made her character quite realistic. The world Hannah Blatchford creates for Frankie is interesting and quite dark, not everyone is nice and people will use you if they think they can. The other characters are well developed and how they are described really lets you picture them in all their glory.
All in all this book is brilliant, something that fits right in with the genre of fantasy. It has it all, interesting characters, a dark and nasty world with hints of niceness, violence and romance. I will be watching for other books from this author and especially for the next book in this series.

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