Black Swan Rising by Lee Carroll
Monday, 22 August 2011

Black Swan Rising by Lee Carroll

Publisher : Bantam press
Pages : 400
Genre : Young Adult
Type : Paperback
Cover : UK Cover
Got : From publisher for review

Rating : ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


When New York City jewelry designer Garet James stumbles into a strange antiques shop in her neighborhood, her life is about to be turned upside down. John Dee, the enigmatic shopkeeper, commissions her to open a vintage silver box for a generous sum of money. Oddly, the symbol of a swan on the box exactly matches her ring. Garet can’t believe her luck and this eerie coincidence until she opens the box and otherworldly things start happening


This book has everything a fantasy enthusiast wants. Action, romance, mystery and one thing that some books don't have, an interesting and well thought story. The story is thorough and full of detail. We get to know Garet, a young woman who makes jewellery, her father owns an art gallery and she lives with him above it. Garet comes across a shop, which she enters and finds herself shocked when the shop owner questions her about her ring, showing her a box which has the same emblem on its clasp. He asks her to open it, it is solded shut and seeing as she makes jewellery, he thinks she can open it. That's when everything starts to get strange. Garet is thrust into a journey of not only trying to find answers about the box but also herself. She can't see how she can be connected to the box really, but her new acquaintance, Will, seems to know otherwise. He is very handsome and ever the gentleman, but there's something about him. With stunning detail and strong characters, this book had me hooked, i couldn't not read on to see what happens, stumbling along with Garet on her journey.

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